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Share Jesus Challenge

The Share Jesus World Challenge!
The New Internet Jesus Movement is Now! Many of you are overflowing with the joy of Jesus and are ready to Go to the World.
The Challenge: Followers of Jesus to take the message of salvation through Jesus Christ to every nation and major island group in the world! It can be done on Facebook, other social media or in person.
Share with at least one person. Get all your friends or church to share in at least one country or more! Our heart must be full of the love of God, the Fire and Power of the Holy Spirit as to move us to share the Glorious message of Jesus our Lord and Savior. We are going to light up the internet with the love of Jesus and salvation in Him. Just see.

Please click the comment section to this post and share how you feel and what you will do. Give brief reports of your witness. And give the country or countries you have just witnessed in each week or month. Give a grand total of countries reached. This will inspire others too.

Jesus called me to carry a 12 foot cross around the world sharing Jesus in every nation and major island group. This has been done. Jesus did it. Denise, my wife has personally witnessed with the cross in 294 countries. Next God called me to send the movie “The Cross” to every nation and island group as a free gift. Dale Schaefer a business man helped me on this and it took a year to complete. I will keep carrying the cross on foot but this is a challenge to carry the cross to the world by internet and social media.

When we started on Facebook I had a vision of a team of at least 100 people totally committed to Jesus. (Now it is in the 1,000’s) who would carry the message of salvation to the world via the internet and Facebook. I have been preaching and teaching. Now is the Time! Lets join together in Jesus Name to fulfill the Great Commission. There is no fundraising involved or nothing to join. We are just a family of followers of Jesus and you can do this. Accept the challenge!

I will share a few ideas and a sample prayer of salvation. But suggest you write your own and share the message of who Jesus is and how you can know Him. Others can help you with the message.
A teenager, family or elderly person, man or woman can step out and be able to say “By the grace of God I have shared the message with someone in every nation and island group on earth! Or it could be one or ten, what is important is that you pray and accept the call and do it. Perhaps you could take North America, South America or the islands of the seas, Africa, Asia, etc. It could take months or years.
We will keep this page pinned to the top of my homepage as a place of contact.

How: Post a salvation message on your Facebook page and timeline, send it out. Check your stats to see where people are that viewed it. Google the name of a country or island and you will see newspapers, hotels, people etc. click contact us and e mail them. There are pen pal lists etc. Pray for Jesus to lead you to the right person. You may set up a special e-mail account that you will only use for sharing Jesus.

Message: It’s impossible to share everything about Jesus in a one page e-mail, comment or post. But share who Jesus is, why He came to earth and died on the cross and shed His blood. 
Share the resurrection of Jesus and Him ascending into Heaven and that He will hear your prayers. I want you to let Jesus lead you in your words, friends can help with a one or two paragraph summary of who Jesus is. You could also give a link to a Jesus website.

Prayer: This is just a suggested prayer. You can write one that Jesus leads you to share. “Dear God, I thank you for loving me. I need You. As best as I know how I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins and shed Your Holy Blood for me. Lord Jesus wash away my sins, I repent and turn my life to You. I want to follow Jesus. I forgive everyone, put my name in Your Book in Heaven. I’m now in the Family of God. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit. I am not ashamed of Jesus. Help me to share you with others. Thank you Jesus for saving me. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen”

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every person” “ And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come” “All power is given Me…Go…I am with you” You shall receive Power after the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to Me…!
Mark 16:15; Matt. 24:14; Matt.28:18-20; Acts 1:8

Some suggested links:
How to witness: https://blessitt.com/give-me-a-j-chapters/

Following Jesus and the message of salvation in several languages.

The Message of the Cross:

Evangelism in Every Book in the Bible:

Join Arthur “Live” on Facebook Many Sunday afternoons 12:30pm PST; 1:30pm MST; 2:30pm CST 3:30pm EST; 8:30 pm GMT

Contact Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Pilgrim followers of Jesus,
Arthur, Denise and Sophia Blessitt, Luke 18:1

P.S. We are not giving you a package with step by step material. I want you to face the challenges and find the answers. I want you to share your witness of Jesus and your personal testimony. This is how you learn. As you face the how to of evangelism and the Holy Spirit leads you as to what to do. Love people. Never write a witness that you yourself would not want to receive. Share Jesus, invite people to Him and let Jesus do the drawing. The amazing Person of Jesus will draw people to Himself. Denise and I are praying for you. Together we shall see the witness of Jesus all over the internet and world. Let’s take the message of Jesus to all the world!

Countries and Major Island Groups
This listing conforms to almost all the list of Travelers Century Club and Guinness World Records. Although some are not actually countries in their own right, they have been included because they are removed from parent, either geographically, politically or ethnologically. Some of the listings like United Arab Emirates or Indonesia have within them separate island groups or ‘nations’.
Now In Jesus Name Go and Tell the World!

List of Countries: https://blessitt.com/countries/

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