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“The Cross, the ARTHUR BLESSITT Story”

“The Cross, the Arthur Blessitt Story”

Airs twice worldwide on TBN TV 

Back to Back 8 PM Eastern Time!

Friday April 14. Share this post

with others. Jesus bless you!

When I made the cross and carried it

on Sunset Strip in His Place I had no

idea it was the start of a historic cross

walk! This is now the 56th year, and

carried the cross in 43,340 miles in

324 nations and major island groups. 

You can now view the movie film that

Matt Crouch made of my life on the

roads of the worlds, through wars, 

deserts, traffic, arrested 24 times. I

trust you will watch this movie and share it

with others. Be a part of helping others

to know how to witness and share Jesus.

Don’t miss this! Two showings! Back to

Back! 8 pm EST Starting. Friday April 14th

on TBN TV. The walk is the Guinness World

Record! The longest pilgrimage/walk in history.

A few week ago he was on Jeopardy for longest

what? He carried what around the world… (A Cross!)

“A Crucifix!” 

Pilgrim followers of Jesus

Arthur And Denise Blessitt, Luke 18:1

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