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Back carrying the cross two days after having fallen! Praise Jesus!

Praise Jesus! After the fall in one day all the pain was gone and I feel better than before the fall! Thanks for your love and prayers. I carried the cross on Wednesday with Denise and Sophia. I’ll be back on the road tomorrow carrying the cross and sharing Jesus, God willing.

I have faced many challenges in carrying the cross around the world. Jesus keeps raising me up and sending me on until He wants to call me home. We need to learn how to endure. Hebrews 12:1. Please pray for us.

You see the photo at the top of the page of me carrying the cross two days after you see me below having fallen down on my back and head. Oh Glory to God. I love to obey and follow Jesus and share the message of the cross and Jesus.

A pilgrim follower of Jesus, Arthur Blessitt, Luke 18:1

Monday July 23rd 2018. Today I was live streaming “Rest for my soul” Arthur Blessitt. During my fall of missing the bench. I injured my right wrist, elbow and shoulder; left shoulder and lower back and side; neck and back of my head hurts & my left knee. Pray for me. In Jesus Name I shall carry the cross on…You can view the video on The live stream where I fell.

I still have a lot of pain but pray it will soon be gone and I’ll be carrying the cross on. I don’t think anything broke but ‘I hurt worse all over than anywhere else’ and old Southern expression. Ha.

Thanks for praying for me and Jesus bless you. After the fall I completed the message. Then call my wife Denise to come get me and the cross. Denise and Sophia are helping me in wonderful ways here at home. A bit of rest and I pray to be out on the road again soon.

Thanks for your prayers. Jesus bless you. I would encourage you to view this live stream video by clicking the link above.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus, Arthur and Denise Blessitt, Luke 18:1, www.blessitt.com

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