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Jesus bless you! Arthur, Denise, Sophia

I hear you Jesus!
I hear your call
I feel the power of the Holy Spirit
I know the love of God
I say: “I’ll go”…
To the distant land
To my neighbor
To the war
To the land of broken hearts
I will climb the mountains
I will walk through the valleys of the shadow of death
My life shall be a living sacrifice…
I shall swim in the sea of tears…
Hold the hands of the sick and dying…
Turn on the Light for those walking in darkness…
I shall share the message of the
The Blood
And Jesus
So long as I shall live
I give my life to lift up the resurrected Christ.
I set no price
I will go
Where ever you send me
Because I ‘know’ you Jesus are with me ‘always’!
Use me Lord
Fill me with Your love and the Power of the Holy Spirit
Send me into the harvest of souls that people will be saved
I will rejoice with the angels in heaven
Every time someone is saved
I will sing, dance, preach and reach out my hand
In love…until I die
Then I will see Your Face Jesus!”
© Copyright 2018

Cross carrying pilgrim followers of Jesus,
Arthur, Denise and Sophia Blessitt

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