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“Sophia Live” Facebook, YouTube, Periscope

“Sophia Live” With Questions, Scriptures & Prayer Request. 

Date: Saturday, January 13th! Don’t miss this!

Time: 10:30am PST; 11:30am MST; 12:30pm CST; 1:30pm EST; 6:30pm GMT

Sophia is 13 years old and wants to help other know and follow Jesus. A teenage special.

Don’t miss this. You will never forget seeing her minister.

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  1. I remeber when you started carrying the cross. I am now 71 years old and am standing strong for my Saviour, Jesus. He has saved me many times and sent my angel to stand in the gap when I might have died. I know He has more for me to do. My life has not been what I would have planned, but the road I still walk, although sometimes difficult, has never been alone! Jesus has always been right beside me, He has always provided, never have I needed more then I had, whatever I thought I needed, He always provided. Finally, I now know how to rest in Him, rely on him and always, I believe in Him. We are near the Rapture and I pray to be ready to finish the race His way. Thank you, so much for your commitment and for your ministry. I just watched you on TBN, and as in the past, you brought me so much joy as I followed you in prayer and in the commission you gave all of us listening & watching. I will begin praying for your health and will agree with you and your famly for healing, and strength and long life to meet Jesus in the clouds.
    Thank you Jesus! Bless you and your amazing family.

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