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Message to the World: Jesus and Good News!

Deep in the heart of every person I believe we all know that this world, the universe, us and all of creation did not just happen. That all of existence has order, plan, purpose, and a creator. Look at your watch, it did not just happen. It is the reflection of mind, creativity, and power. The mind to think the idea, creativity to design it and power to make it. How much more your body upon which you put the watch – reflects God.
Yes, the evidence is clear, God created! As I have walked this earth on every continent, in every nation, most people believe in God – but how do we know God? How do we find God? Does the Creator desire to communicate with His creation? Surely as a parent desires to teach love, and even warn of dangers how much more God wants to speak to the people He created, to love them and guide them. But we all know something has gone terribly wrong!
A world filled with war, hatred, hunger, greed, selfishness, vengeance, and so many other terrible things, we know something is wrong! With others – with oneself. Why? The Holy Bible (a book that reveals Gods truth to people) declares that even though God made a perfect world the first two people Adam and Eve, they yielded to the temptation of Satan (a fallen angel who had rebelled against God) and sinned against God. All of us have followed in their fallen sinful ways that separates from God and leads to eternal separation from Him to a place the Bible calls Hell.
Religious people all over the world are trying to get to God and have peace, love, fulfillment, purpose, and eternal life. How do we get to God?…we can’t!!! Listen carefully – all religions are one of the following two.
A.) We try to get to God by our own efforts.
B.) God does for us what we can’t do for ourselves.
Under plan (A) we have an insurmountable problem – sin, “all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God,” “the heart of man is desperately wicked,” “the wages of sin is death.” We are all guilty of sin and therefore separated from God. Hopeless – even our goodness is as dirty rags and God is Holy!
Plan (B) God finds us, “God first loved us.” It is like a wall of our sins that separates us from God. But God so loved the world that He gave His only son, He gave Himself, Jesus who was with the Father from the beginning who is Divine, became flesh, put in the womb of the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit. He was born in Bethlehem about 2,000 years ago, lived without sin, worked many mighty miracles, preached and taught the revelation of the Father. Oh His words are glorious, true, and powerful (read the first four books of the New Testament in the Holy Bible). The Lord Jesus Christ submitted to the horror of man and was tortured, beaten, and carried a big cross to a place called Calvary just outside Jerusalem and there He was crucified (nailed to a cross). There He died. Yet three days later He was resurrected (came to life in the same body). He remained on earth a few weeks more then ascended into heaven. He will return one day soon in the same way. He went up into heaven to take those who believe in and follow Him, back to heaven to be eternally with God.
Jesus said he came to seek and save the people who are lost. He suffered and died for your sins and my sins. He paid the debt we could not pay. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, the life, no man comes to the Father but by me.” “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father” “No man can know the Father except the son of man reveal Him.” God in sending Jesus to die for us did what we could not do for ourselves. God accepts the holy sacrifice of Jesus for cleansing to those who believe and follow Him. You can pray now and experience new life, love, and mercy. Jesus did not condemn (we are already condemned). He came to save, find, rescue, and love us! We must desire to repent to turn from our own way, the way of sin and rebellion against God….to God.
You may pray this prayer, you may even say it out loud:
“Dear God, I need you and want to know you. As best as I know how I give my life to you. I believe Jesus died for me. Arose from the grave, ascended into heaven and He hears me now. Jesus I want to follow you, I repent and turn from my sins as you give me a new heart. Fill me with the Holy Spirit, help me to love everyone, I forgive everybody. Lord Jesus show me your way, I truly want to follow you. Make my home in heaven. I put my faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior. I am not ashamed of Jesus – In Jesus name I pray!”
Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Denise Blessitt
Sophia Blessitt
Now just talk to Jesus in your own words – He is your personal friend forever now. I have nothing for you to join, you’ve joined God – that’s enough – you are my sister or brother in love in God’s family. Let us live together in love, kindness, peace, and family. Caring for each other and helping lift people up, putting no-one down, being a helping hand to all and available as a friend. Peace Be with you!
We invite you to now read the other links in the section “Following Jesus” to help you in your walk with Jesus. God bless you.
Please let us know if you prayed this prayer. At the top of this page is “Contact” where you can share how Jesus just saved you. Glory.
We would like to rejoice with you. Pilgrim followers of Jesus, Arthur,Denise Blessitt, Luke 18:1 www.blessitt.com
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