Jesus Stickers around the world!

Pass a Jesus Sticker around the world! Share this post sticker, pray, then pass it on! Don’t break the witness. In a store in 1968 I saw stickers with prices on products. We have printed over 20 million.

I’ve given stickers out in every nation & major island group while carrying a 12 foot cross. Back on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California we called them ‘Reds’. You can draw a crowd of people almost as soon as you start giving them away. They make witnessing easy. Oh, I have our contact info on them so that people can contact us to know more about Jesus. We have had thousands saved because of them and it has helped thousands for followers of Jesus start witnessing. I always carry Jesus Stickers with me to give when I buy something etc. I also carry gospel tracts to give out. Both are available in our online store. Click the link below. God’s world will not return void.

Also you can post this Jesus Sticker on internet and social media sites as a witness. Some of you may want the challenge to have a social media witness in every nation of the world and every island group. You could reach at least one person in every nation and island group in less than a year. Or you may be able to do it in one month. You can go to our store and look for the gospel tract “The Big Question” you can copy it and also post it. It has scriptures and the sinners prayer. Jesus bless you and the witness. Let’s reach the world for Jesus Christ. Glory.

You can make it a screen saver or print & put on your fridge etc.

Welcome Jesus in your heart, repent, trust, share, follow Him.

Click this link below for our Online Store: (U.S. mailing addresses Only)

Order your Jesus Stickers Now!

We have them in English and Spanish.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt, Luke 18:1

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  1. We’re you in New England area in the 1970s I remember those red stickers and think I saw you when in my youth??

  2. hola Dios te bendiga vi tu historia de vida y testimonio en canal enlace tv en esta semana santa del 2020 me impacto me parece increíble y admirable como amas y hablas de Dios a quienes no le conocen aún, me gustaría poder tener pegatinas acá en mi país y llevar el mensaje de la cruz bendiciones Nubia Estela Contreras desde Colombia.
    mi esposo a quien le conté tu historia vive haya en los Ángeles y es seguidor de Cristo le canta y a grabado música para nuestro Dios. el también le gustaría poder obtener pegatinas para evangelizar del poder de la cruz.

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