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Arthur Blessitt Heart/Health Update

Arthur Blessitt about my heart procedure 11/01/2017. Yesterday and last night was a tuff, difficult challenge. Surgeon said after looking inside my heart there is no blockage. Otherwise all is still the same! Nothing has changed. Except now a terrific headache and hurting arms from all the needle holes, that are black and blue. Ha. After a few days to recover God willing I will pick up the cross and start walking and sharing Jesus in person and live streaming on the Internet. I am excited and ready. Let’s proclaim Jesus in all the world, to every person. I trust ALL into the Hands of Jesus.
Thanks and blessings to all you lovely people who have prayed for me and sent encouragement. Would love for you to keep praying for us. You are so wonderful! Jesus bless you.


*Heart Problem Procedure in Hospital on Arthur Blessitt Nov. 1st, 2017 1pm EST. Please Pray

Jesus will be done. Need to be saved receive Jesus Now. Saved, Share Jesus with someone Now.

Love you all. I am at peace.

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