Healed, Carrying the Cross

Jesus did it. Today I was carrying the cross two weeks after the large hematoma in my left calf. Great to be on the road again. Thanks for the prayers. “When everything says ‘No’, here comes Jesus!” Will be extending the miles & live streaming on the road this week by the Grace of God. Making cross plans for summer! Keep praying. I’m still alive and carrying the cross. Glory! We walk on… Denise, Sophia, Arthur Blessitt.
Say a big ‘Thank you Jesus’!

Friday, May 6th. Just back from carrying the cross and doing live streams on Facebook and Periscope. Glory. Getting stronger but have to take it easy and slowly increase miles. Must walk on smooth ground till the calf gets stronger and my knees recover. But Jesus did it and I am out and with the cross and on the road. I love to live stream from the road. Back in the 60’s this was not even a dream.

To God be the glory.

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  1. Great…Praise the Lord for your healing Arthur! We pray for you.
    We love you and your family. May the Lord bless you all.
    Marilyn (Longgrear) Crowe the old gum-girl one of the
    spearmint twins in the great NW

  2. God bless you and may he keep you forever

  3. You are an inspiration and a reminder to look toward Jesus to calm the troubled waters in our lives. Recently I was in the hospital and my faith was challenged by despair and I prayed for Jesus to strengthen my faith. Struggling in the middle of the night I turned
    On the tv and there you were carrying the cross. My faith was strengthened by your complete reliance on Jesus to get you through the most difficult situations. I thank Jesus and I thank you for your faith in him that has strengthened my faith. Thank you

  4. Been searching all my life to connect and be close with Jesus…. I know he is there. Probably searching too hard in the wrong places. Seen the tail end of a program in relation to you journey with the cross and listened to your dailey prayer. Unfortunately, I didn’t get chance to record it. I believe its a big bit of the connection I need and which i would love yo share with my kids. Can you provide same or direct me to where I can find it.

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