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Harvest Time

This is just a note from my heart. With a world in confusion and almost despair it is urgent to know the Heart of God for people everywhere. What is the greatest need on earth? For people to be saved and become followers of Jesus! Simple and clear. This is why Jesus went to the cross.

God so loved the world… Yes God cares for people and for where they will spend eternity.

That He gave His only begotten Son… Jesus cares so much that He died on the cross and shed His Blood that we could be saved.
Jesus cares.

The Holy Spirit is convicting of sin, drawing people to repent, believe and receive Jesus as Savior. He will come to live in our hearts.

Do we care? How much? To share the message of Jesus with scripture and words that people can be saved. ‘How shall the hear without a preacher (someone to proclaim, herald)? Our lives are to be a living sacrifice.

A person in Christ is a new creation. Heaven is home and their entire live is changed. Jesus comes to live inside and all things become new.

What is our response? In Time, Talents, Resources and Compassion.
Shall we answer the call of Jesus to Go into All the World or slumber in our sleep and comfort with a lost world around us searching for hope, life and salvation? Shall we focus on ourselves and our getting self satisfied or giving Jesus that others may have eternal life?

The answer is: “Here am I Lord send me, use me, fill me with the Holy Spirit and Fire.

As heaven draws near and time fades how many people will you have led to Jesus. How many will be crying out from Hell. Why did you not tell me how to be saved?

Should you not be saved then I encourage you to pray a simple prayer like this. “Dear God, I need you. Lord Jesus I believe you died on the cross for my sins. As best as I know how I repent of my sins, I believe in Jesus and trust You as my Savior. I want to follow Jesus. I am not ashamed of Jesus. Make me a witness. In Jesus Name Amen.”

You can share the message of Jesus with others and lead them in a prayer of salvation.

I’m praying the prayer that Jesus asked us to pray in Matthew 10:37-38
“The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”

Pray for me to be a more powerful and loving witness to the world and for you also. Together in the Power of Jesus we shall see the world shaken for the Glory of God and salvation of the lost.

God bless us as we go.
Pilgrim followers of Jesus,
Arthur, Denise and Sophia Blessitt
Luke 18:1

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