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Glimpses from the Road

Glimpses from the Road
*A lady is setting in the grass playing with two very young boys at a playground as I carry the cross by. I say ‘hi’ to them and comment that I too played with a truck when I was a child. The lady said hello to me.
After a few hundred yards Jesus spoke to me. “Stop and turn around just at that bush. Go back and bless that lady and children.” I returned to the lady and we began to chat as I leaned against the cross. Soon she began to share the heartbreaking story of the loss a year ago of her daughter and now she is raising her sons. She spoke of the anger and pain of the great loss and the great responsibility upon her now.
I shared the love of God and how He gave His Son Jesus to die on the cross. Jesus understands! We spoke of the new life in Jesus and following Him. After a while I asked her to put her hand on the cross and pray with me. It was a glorious moment as she prayed the prayer of salvation with me.
After the prayer she said ‘I am beginning a new life, can I give you a hug? I told her yes and she reached out and hugged me and began to weep in my arms. I was also crying. I told her of a church nearby that she could go to and take the two young boys. I prayed a blessing on the boys and gave them Jesus stickers. I know Jesus will lead her forward.
*The glory of the Holy Spirit has been so strong that the last three days I carried the cross I only walked four miles!!!!! Why? Because so many people are stopping me. Two of the days it took hours before I could walk even a few feet without being stopped. Trucks stopping in the street and men getting out to pray. One man on a big motorcycle went to a store and bought me a power drink. He handed it to me, told me he wanted to help and with tears swelling up in his eyes he raved up the motor and took off. I stopped at a gas station to get gas and a truck drove up and two men rushed over. “Arthur Blessitt! Yes, that is the cross!” We talked and prayed. So many men have been stopping, they need someone to talk to and be open with that doesn’t know them.
It is truly like it has been around the world. The cross is a mobile alter!!! A place to meet Jesus!
*Everyone of you can do something. We have a voice to share the message of life in Jesus. We have hands that can touch and help. Love that can change lives. Hope in a troubled world. Look around where you are!!! Hear the call of Jesus and start…go…
I started were I was and Jesus took us to the world. My desire is to go from one needy place to another with the cross with the message of Jesus. But having been in every nation and island group I can say the needs are everywhere. God has people reading this from all over the world. Start where you are!!! Then see what happens.
Pray for Texas and Louisiana. I have preached in that area since I was 15 years old. Rise up brothers and sisters and go out in the love and power of Jesus. This is your hour!!! Open your doors and hearts. I know you will. Many of the largest churches and ministries are located right in the middle of this disaster. Also many of my family live in that area.
*Now another Glimpse! I am carrying the cross with my iPhone attached to the end of the cross in front of me. I am walking and ‘Live Streaming’ to people around the world. I pray, read scripture, sing and preach. This witness is unreal and awesome.
Next picture this I am setting under a tree at sunrise with two iPhones connected to each other. One streaming on Facebook and the other to YouTube, the two largest streaming sites in the world. The sun starts rising and people around the world are watching the glorious sunrise as I share the love of Jesus!
*Denise and I set in our home/office/cross museum with two iPhones and one iPad live streaming on Sunday afternoons on three different internet networks. Denise is awesome in love and knowledge. Then there is Sophia who has done two specials to thousands of people.
This witness is going out to people in most nations. People gathering in nursing homes and private homes. In Christian and Muslim nations. From America the the islands of the sea. All hearing the real Gospel message of the Cross and Jesus.
*Thanks for the prayers, love and support. You are with us in this mission and we all together Praise the Lord. Worthy is the Lamb!
I am excited about the future! Jesus is Alive and Well. Never Fear.
Our website: www.blessitt.com with info of the crosswalks, devotions, teachings, free online books, blog, history, Guinness Book Record, hundreds of photos, etc.
Other sites: https://www.youtube.com/c/Blessitt
We “live stream” every Sunday at 3:30pm EST and
also during the week whenever I feel Jesus say to Go Live.
The live stream is on Facebook, Periscope and YouTube.
The Glory of the Coming of the Lord is at Hand”
Jesus bless you, pilgrim followers of Jesus.
Denise, Sophia and Arthur Blessitt, Luke 18:1

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