“No, you can’t take this on the airplane,” the clerk fervently declared pointing to the cross, “it’s too big.” I said, “This is a jet plane, there is room in the baggage hold, we always travel with it.” “No,” he said again and walked away. Our trip on Vietnam Airways from Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City came to a sudden stop. We never got off the ground!

Every morning Denise and I prayed for the Holy Spirit of God to completely lead us. We stood praying. To my left I saw people checking in and a sign saying Bangkok.
Walking over I asked, “Can we have two seats for this flight?” The lady answered, “The flight is full and it’s now closed.” She walked back behind the desk then returned. “It’s okay two seats now, if you have cash!” We quickly handed over the U.S. dollars. They took us and the cross to the airplane and off we went to Bangkok in the opposite direction from Vietnam. The Kampuchea Airline plane was filled with white air conditioning fog! You could not see your feet, it was like a cloud of glory! Ha. But, we made it in the old plane.

At the Bangkok airport we got a flight immediately to Ho Chi Minh City and we arrived there the same day we planned, just later. No one was expecting this. At the customs they checked everything, every bag. When the official got to the
cross wrapped in the sleeping bag, he asked what it was, I walked over praying, then two other inspectors came over and I knew it would take a miracle. They were feeling the bag to see what was inside. When they got to the wheel of the cross I said, “I carry this walking and this is the wheel”! I was praying that God would confuse their minds. They waved us through! God did it again. We were in Vietnam with the cross!

The walk in the city was powerful. People waved, smiled, made the sign of the cross and welcomed us along the streets. The police did not bother us. The people who could speak English talked to us about Jesus and not politics. So many soldiers have been here in the past, how honored I was that we could come with the cross, with love, and peace.

After a hot day of walking we returned to our room. I lay on the floor praying and thanking Jesus for letting us carry the cross and His message in this communist nation. So clearly Jesus spoke to me, “Thank you, thank you for carrying the cross, thank you and Denise!” Tears gushed from my eyes and I lay crying at His words.

I will never forget this moment. Oh, I love you, oh, Lord of Host, the Lord God almighty. Denise and I rest in your arms.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1