United States – Hawaii


I had a glorious crosswalk on the island of Oahu. I saw hundreds of people pray to receive Jesus as I carried the cross on the highways and beaches of that area.

I seemed to have lost all photos of carrying the cross in Hawaii.


From famous Waikiki Beach to the sugar cane and pineapple fields, the response was wonderful.

I also did several television, radio and newspaper interviews and preached in several churches. My dear friend Rev. Bill Smith, pastor of the Walilaa Baptist Church was of great help to us. My two daughters, Gina and Joy and three of my sons, Joel, Joshua and Joseph were on this crosswalk also.

For the first years of my crosswalk around the world the long beam of the cross was twelve feet long. This made it too long to check in as baggage. I had many problems shipping the cross airfreight. The cross beam is six feet long. As I recognized the problem and knew that the call of Jesus for me was to carry the cross to all the nations I knew I needed to cut the long cross beam into two six feet sections. I cut the beam in half and made a steel plate to fit on each side to bolt the cross together. This way I now had three six feet pieces that bolted together to form a 12×6 foot cross.

Hawaii was my first trip with the newly cut crossbeam. The airport check in worked great and bolting it together was a wonderful solution. My first attempt did not work well but after some modifications in Hawaii the cross was ready for the remainder of the world!

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1