Jesus did it! My wife, Denise and I had a wonderful and powerful crosswalk in Surinam.

We based in the capital city of Paramaribo and carried the cross in the city and out to the surrounding areas.

We did several interviews with the newspapers, radio and television stations. The witness of the cross and the walk covered the country.

There were many dangers here but Jesus delivered us. One of the greatest personal dangers Denise and I have faced happened here but the Blood of Jesus let us out safely! Jesus did it. All glory to God. The bus we took from the airport to the city was highjacked by several men and we were taken off behind some abandoned
buildings. Denise and I got our bags and the cross. When the door opened we walked off and just kept walking. The men shouted at us but with our backs turned we walked away to live or die. We had both already made the decision years
ago to face the moment but never to submit to kidnapping and such.

Jesus led us and covered our backs and we had walked almost back to the highway when the bus driver came to us. The men remained where they got off. They had a car parked there. The bus driver was fearful but gave us a ride into town. He said, “Those are not good men!”

Often the people in the streets would warn us of dangers but we went on with the cross. Several times the local people drove away some of the people who seemed to pose a danger.

We had some great street preaching and many came to Jesus.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1