South Korea


When my wife, Denise and I arrived at the airport in Seoul we rented a car and drove to Iri. There we started the cross walk. Denise would drive up the road a few miles and park and wait for me to arrive. She had water and refreshments and our bags.

South Korea impressed us mostly with the vast number of churches. Often I would see from ten to twenty steeples with crosses at once. How different from the rest of Asia. We had a good walk in the country with the cross. It’s a mixture of rice patties and factories. As we were walking toward Seoul people seemed very shocked to see me carrying the cross. Most wanted to know which church I am with. They were
very church oriented. A man just walking the road with a large cross was surprising them.

The Lord spoke to me one day along the roadside, “It’s time to go home, this is a long trip around the world”. When I told Denise she fell into my arms and we shed tears together. I was very tired at this part on the trip. We had been in countries in Asia for six months.

We had traveled by plane around the world, taking 47 flights, and traveled on boats, taxis, buses, trains, three wheel motorcycles, rickshaws, been through so many airport and customs, walked in city after city. Jesus did it. It was time to go home for a rest. We drove to Seoul and flew back to Florida. We had conversations with the people and prayed with some to come to Jesus.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1