Shetland Islands

June 2002

We took a total of three ship crossings on this trip and neither of us got seasick! A record for me! Thank you Jesus. Upon arrival Pastors Jamie and Christine Tonge of Emmanuel Church in Lerwick welcomed us. They arranged three meetings for us during our stay there. We had powerful meetings and people came from many different churches and towns. We carried the cross every day we were there from one end to the other of the main island. The weather was cold, wet and windy but that did not stop the glorious response. We averaged I’d say about 3 to 4 cars stopping per mile! This is the home of the Shetland ponies and they sure are beautiful here. The sheep and cattle rushed to the stone fences to welcome us too! It was constant walk, a car would stop we would talk, witness and then pray with person after person! The cross was like a portable altar for both believer and non believer. I just love it.

Here is one story:
It was pouring rain with cold strong wind when a car stopped and two ladies got out and came to me. They were so excited and wanted to talk but they were getting wet. I suggested they sit in the car and I would talk through the window. They got in the car and the lady on the passenger side put down her window. Rain was pouring onto her legs and lap but she did not complain. The lady driver shared how she was saved a few years ago and how wonderful it is. I asked the lady near me if she knew Jesus as her Savior. She said, “Not yet.” I will never forget her eyes as we talked about Jesus and how to know Him. We then all three joined hands and with the rain pouring in the window and onto her, she prayed and Jesus washed her sins away and saved her! Jesus came to live in her heart. We were crying and hugging and praising God. Big tears washed her face. Jesus was there with the three of us in a glorious way. Both ladies came to both meetings we had at the church.

The newspaper also did a great story and Shetland Radio did a powerful story too.

I was walking down the highway through a small village when a car stopped and it was the village pastor who wanted to talk. We later had dinner with he and his wife. The following is what he wrote and the drawing he made and gave to me:

ShetlandIslands1“It was a wet and misty, rather ‘miserable day’, when I, a very ordinary local country minister here, glanced out of my church window and saw a man carrying a cross through our village. My heart leapt with joy. I was deeply moved and I had to meet the stranger with the cross. When I did and when I talked with the man with the cross, my faith was so encouraged. Probably never before and never again will such a witness in this way take place and in my soul I believed that God the Holy Spirit was saying that Jesus is passing this way – that soon and very soon we will see the King in all His beauty! Through the village and through our islands the simple stark silhouette of the man who walked around the world carrying the cross challenged and challenges every observer with the question – “What will you do with Jesus?”

Pastor David R. Beatty Minister United Free Church of Scotland, Cunningsburgh, Shetland, Scotland.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1