San Andres Islands

February 2004

Denise and I had a glorious crosswalk on the Island of San Andres. This was one of the remaining island groups that we had yet to carry the cross in. This island group is a part of Colombia but located off the coast of Costa Rica. This was country number 301 for us to carry the cross in! Jesus did it and we press on to the remaining island groups. We carried the cross around the entire island. There was one road looping the island with shops and hotels and homes lining it. The response was really great with many praying to receive Jesus as Savior and committing to follow Him. I can just say the response was so glorious it was so much fun! This is a beautiful Caribbean island.

As Denise and I approached one group of about six taxi drivers
we offered them Jesus stickers in Spanish. The drivers all wanted stickers and the gospel material that we were giving out. One man began a conversation and as we talked he said to me, “Will you pray for us?” We had the privilege of leading them all to Jesus and encouraging them in following Jesus. The next day that same man came out on the road looking for me. He felt so different. He wanted the gospel booklets for his thirteen-year old daughter and his family and friends. They all
need this prayer too he told me. This type of thing happened several times with people returning for even more gospel material. The people pride themselves in having more churches than bars on this vacation island.

At our hotel one particular taxi driver that I met as I carried the cross would not take a Jesus sticker or even speak, he just waved me away. Later that day our hotel guest manager a lovely follower of Jesus invited us to her church that night. She said, “I will organize a taxi for you and pay for it myself.” She went out and arranged everything’¦ you guessed it, the taxi driver was the one who was not so friendly! Well, he took me to church very quietly and was to return at 9 p.m. to drive me back. I met the pastor. He asked me to speak and when the taxi driver came back he stood outside listening to my message. When I got to the car he was the friendliest man on the island. We talked about Jesus and his life and family. He wanted a photo of me. I prayed with him and he welcomed Jesus into his life as Savior and Lord. I gave him a lot of gospel material.

The next morning we were to check out and leave the country. This same taxi driver rushed up and said he would drive us to the airport. He was smiling and so happy and praising God. The other taxi drivers came up to me and said , “What happened to him?” “What did you do to him?” “He is a new man totally unlike what we have ever known before.” I said, “He invited Jesus into his life and is following Jesus now.” He stood smiling and nodding his head, yes. We had a wonderful drive to the airport talking about Jesus. This man alone was worth the trip and so much more.

We had a blessed time of witness. We also had time of refreshment, just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful tropical beaches and weather. The same hunger for Jesus and openness was also in the hotel where we stayed. You could see Jesus stickers everywhere! Ha!

We were in Costa Rica a few days, as we had to fly there to get to San Andres. We arrived with the cross there and had a good witness. It was great to visit Costa Rica again as I remembered carrying the cross there in 1978 while I walked
from North America to South America.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1