This was one of the most wonderful cross walks ever! The people were beautiful, warm and responsive.

We led many, many to Jesus. Often crowds of hundreds would gather and I would preach and pray.

Denise, my wife, and I based in a hotel in Koror. We would hire a taxi to take us to where we had left off carrying the cross. Denise walked with me all the way in Palau!

There was deep and glorious conviction by the Spirit of God on this island every place we went.

As I was talking to one man about how he could know and follow Jesus, he interrupted me asking,“Do I say that to Jesus, now?” “Yes,” I replied.

He looked up toward the sky and raised his hands and shouted, “Jesus please come into me now!”

A group of young men playing basketball came over to the cross and every one of them received Jesus!

Out in the countryside far from town the people were waiting for the cross to arrive! How glorious.

Palau3One night Denise and I were at a local restaurant when we saw what we could not believe being served. Denise got up and went over to the lady and asked her what it was? It was ‘bat’ soup! It was clear soup with a bat in it, hair and all. Denise asked to take a photo of it. The lady was so happy.

This country is famous for the scuba diving, its beaches and snorkeling. One day we took off to see the awesome beauty. All the people except Denise and I were going
diving.. The boat captain said he would let Denise and I off on a little island and then come back to get us in the evening. It appeared to be a beautiful place.. The boat left us. It seemed that there were millions of rats on this little bit of land. Dead rats lay all over the beach. The water had seaweed everywhere and not fish to see! Ha Denise and I named it ‘Rat Island’. The boat company gave us our money back!

God Bless Palau.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1