Marshall Islands


We arrived at Majuro.

My wife, Denise and I rented a car at the airport. Denise would drive up the road several miles in front of me where she would park and wait with water and supplies until I arrived. Often a crowd would be gathered around her and
the car. She would pass out Jesus stickers and gospel material to the people. She always greeted me smiling and cheerful. Most of the time it was very hot and there she sat in the baking heat of the car waiting for me. She
is the tough one of the two of us!

We went to the end of the island and started the crosswalk there. The island is about 30 miles long and only a few hundred yards wide in most places. We met many people and had some wonderful talks. Many people prayed to receive Jesus.

We did two radio broadcasts. The radio stations not only cover the Marshall Islands but also much of the surrounding island nations.

One day ‘The Glory Came’ that awesome manifestation of the Presence of God! People poured out of their houses, and cars and vans stopped. It was truly a glory day.

One man asked Denise and I to go to his house. It was just a tiny place. He and his wife had 12 children. They wanted us to eat with them. We had a baked potatoes and Spam! Spam is a standard food for the Pacific
Island nations.

Our flight out of the Marshall Islands was delayed a day.

Oh, I must add that all the fish we saw to eat on the Island was frozen and packaged in Australia. All the Island’s local fresh fish goes to Japan. It was so sad.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus

Arthur and Denise Blessit
Luke 18:1