We arrived at the Guam airport and took a bus to the town of Tumon.

My wife, Denise and I rented a car and Denise would drive up the road several miles in front of me. She would wait there with water and supplies until I arrived. Often a crowd would be gathered around her and the car. She would pass out Jesus stickers and gospel material to the people. She always greeted me smiling and cheerful. Most of the time it was very hot and there she sat in the baking heat of the car waiting for me. She is the tough one of the two of us!

On the first day of the crosswalk in Guam we did newspaper and TV interviews. So on the second day’s walk most of the people there knew about the cross and our walk around the world.

We carried the cross around much of this beautiful island nation. Car after car stopped with people eager to talk and many prayed to receive Jesus and follow Him.

Two very important events took place on Guam:

One, we met Pastor Kluane Spake of the Jubilee Fellowship. We were so welcomed by her and the church members. I spoke at the church and it was mighty and a powerful time. We all loved one another so much.

The second was that our car was crashed into while we were stopped for a school bus.

We had finished the day’s walk with the cross. The cross was unbolted into its 3 six- foot pieces and it was lying in the back of our car.

When the car behind us did not stop my head was turned and I was looking out the window at the bus. I felt a sharp pain hit my mid-back. My neck popped and it began to hurt too. Denise’s neck hurt also. When the police arrived they wrote in the report that the other car was at fault. That was not so much our concern but the pain.

An ambulance took me to the hospital. Denise was able to drive to the hospital to join me. Denise checked out ok. My first x-ray showed my neck was broken! The orthopedic surgeon wanted another x-ray as they had misplaced the first one. Denise and I were praying. This x-ray did not show a fresh break like the first! Praise God. But what both x-rays showed was an old break and a piece of bone completely broken off and to the side. Don’t know for sure when that happened as I have been injured several times. But it is now no longer a problem. I was put me in a neck brace and another doctor saw me the next day.

And, this was Denise’s Birthday!

The next day I was still in pain, but I returned to where we had left off and went on carrying the cross!

We had a great time and wonderful witness in Guam.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1