My son, Joshua and I stepped off the airplane barely three weeks after the American forces suddenly invaded the island of Grenada in November 1983. The fighting with the Cubans had almost ended except for occasional sniper fire.

Our biggest problem was getting the cross there. First it was too big for the small airplane, and then it was lost. After a day on the Island the cross arrived. The people were happy to see us with the cross. The American troops posed no problems for us. The local Grenadines crowded around us to get Jesus stickers and hear us preach.

We walked around about half the island and saw little damage. This was just police action compared to Lebanon, but U.S. troops were on the island by the thousands and a fleet of ships stood off shore. It provided a good opportunity for us to witness. One day there was a glorious rainbow over the city and we took photos of the cross and rainbow. Like glory after the conflict.

There are so many gospel churches on Grenada. In the capital city, St. George, almost everyone claims to love Jesus, yet many need to know Christ personally. They seemed inspired that we would come with a cross. God had told us to go, we obeyed, we walked and witnessed there, and prayed for peace, salvation, and for hope.

It was a wonderful witness and we met many beautiful people and saw many commit their lives to Jesus.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1