Aleutian Islands

August 2006

Aleutian big fishPraise God! With my wife Denise along and with our daughter Sophia we had a glorious crosswalk in the Aleutian Islands. The Aleutians are a part of Alaska but go out about a thousand miles into the ocean.

We flew into the airport at Dutch Harbor. We then carried the cross on that Island and then across the bridge to the island of Unalaska. Most of the people live on the larger island.

We made contact with the wonderful pastor of Unalaska Christian Fellowship, Rev. John Honan who greeted us at our hotel. He and his wife were a great blessing to us in so many ways and became our cross-walking team on the islands.


Aleutian4What a glorious time we had walking, talking, praying and sharing Jesus with the people. I was truly blessed and refreshed being with these men of God.

Many prayed with us to commit their lives to Jesus.  I spoke and prayed with the people. Many were saved and several healed. Praise God.

The pastor arranged with one of the church members for met to go fishing. We went on a charter boat and by the grace of God I caught the “Big Fish”, a 175-pound Halibut. The trophy of a lifetime! Denise and I brought home nearly a hundred pounds of frozen fish. Oh, but it is great eating. I want to thank Jesus for the calm seas and no sea sickness! Also for the awesome fish.

Fishing in Aleutian

Thanks to all those who helped me go fishing and for the souls!

The people on these two islands were so wonderful and kind and responsive. I will carry them in my heart as long as I live. We had some great meals on the islands! Great, great fish.

During World War II, my father fought in the Aleutian Islands. I was deeply moved to see the bunkers and the airfield. My father was in a air crash up there but survived though he was severely injured.

God bless the people of the Aleutian Islands.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur & Denise Blessitt,

Luke 18:1