Western Sahara

After many flights and travel struggles we made it from war-torn Somalia in North East Africa to the Moroccan controlled Western Sahara in North Western Africa. There is a cease-fire in this land ravaged by fighting for about 30 years. There was heavy troop presence at the airport and the capital city, Laayoune was full of combat forces. I must say that all were very nice to us and the cross in this Muslim nation. Everyone greeted us warmly and often went out of their way to help us.

The cross walk was lovely with no problems. Here, as well as in other nations we give out our address cards and also most of our gospel material and Jesus stickers have our address on it. Through the years our mail is most productive in helping people know Jesus and to follow Him. There are a lot of United Nations Forces here trying to oversee the cease-fire lines and get a referendum vote as to whether this land gets independence or stays a part of Morocco who took over the old Spanish Sahara. To my surprise I saw U.S. Marines wearing a U.N. blue logo on their arm.

Oh how I grieve at war, hate, vengeance, greed, poverty, bitterness, and despair – but Oh I love God, I love people, I love to follow Jesus. We are not ashamed to go with love, with peace, with Jesus, with the cross to the places of need, of war, to speak of hope, good news and life in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1