Praise God, my wife, Denise and I arrived at the airport with our baggage and the cross. We hired a taxi to go into Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.

We carried the cross through the heart of the city, the business area and the parks. We did not leave the main population area.

The response was good. Most of the witness was person to person. I love to witness this way. We had to use our poor Spanish to witness and pray with people, which I can make do only when I only am talking about Jesus! I can lead people in a sinners prayer in Spanish.

We talked with and prayed with many people.

We based out of the hotel in the city and went out in a different direction
each day.

On most of our crosswalks we have transport and Denise is driving ahead but because we stayed in the city area she was able to walk and witness with me every step of the way! Glory. I love it when Denise can walk with me.

God bless this nation and people.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1