My wife, Denise and I had a glorious crosswalk in Uruguay. When we arrived at the airport we rented a car and drove up the southeast coast to a small village were the paved road ended. The village was Jose Ignacio. I started the walk at a lighthouse. Denise would drive a few miles in front of me and then wait for me to arrive with the cross.

We were in Uruguay in October and it was cold and there was a strong wind. Few tourists are in the country at that time of year.

We had a good witness in the resort city of Pointe Del Este. It was cold and poured rain! Toward the end of the day the sun came out and we talked and prayed with many people.

By the grace of God I carried the cross all the way back to the capital city of Montevideo.

There we had a great witness and warm welcome.

I thought it was very strange, but our greatest reception came from the ambassador of South Korea, His Honor, Mr. Kim. He welcomed us to the Embassy and also had
a special Korean dinner prepared for us.

This was in such contrast to our walking and talking with the many very poor people in the city. We had this awesome welcome and dinner with Ambassador Kim yet one street away, Denise and I saw an old discarded couch. The homeless used it, I guess. I sat down on it and Denise took photos of me resting on the street. What a sight. I think it was one of the most touching of all my miles of walking.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1