United States – Seven Day Fast and Prayer


Seven Day Miracle Fasting, Prayer and Glory!

24 hours a day


Heritage Christian Center

9595 East Florida Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80247

303 369 8514

August, 2005 we had a mighty time of fasting and prayer on the lawn at HCC

We simply welcome the Presence of Jesus. We gather in His Presence and welcome Him.

For 24 hours a day, all seven days of fasting and prayer, we set up the three different crosses I have carried around the world.

We had communion every two hours followed by foot washing. We saw an outbreak of miracles in every area of people’s lives. The healings have been simply astounding and have continued here at the church and in my life.

Here are some photos and my comments from 2005.

One man came up to me saying he could not be saved because he had blasphemed the Holy Spirit and had given his body to Satan. He then showed me the 666 tattooed on his arm just above his wrist. I laughed and said, no problem that is only ink! I led him to the cross and had him put his arms around all three crosses. He prayed and gave his life to Jesus and wept for half an hour then sat down and talked with some believers. About an hour and a half later he came back to me and called me to the side. “Do you remember the 666 on my arm?” he asked. “Yes,” I replied. “Look!” The 666 had vanished except for just a small part of one six! Jesus did it! He has returned many times and I have now baptized him. His marriage and home have been restored.

We have hours of video of miracle testimonies that were filmed. We saw two severe cases of MS completely healed. Numerous cases of very bad diabetes with numb hands and feet were totally healed. Person after person was healed. Very swollen legs that went down to normal size before our eyes. Hands that were paralyzed were healed and made to work properly! Several cases of blind eyes and deaf ears were healed. Many times people were carried to us and ran away rejoicing! I tell you this went on for hour after hour day after day.

Thanks to our prayer team. Joshua my son and Nina his wife came in from Norway to join us in the Fast. They were a powerful help and blessing. We celebrated communion with bread and wine about every two hours followed by foot washing. About 24 people working with us in prayer teams plus dozens more that helped out from time to time. Pastor Mark Leonard, son of our pastor became a vital part of the prayer team. We found that in time it did matter who was praying for the person, Jesus did the same things. Also Pastor Greg McDonald here at HCC was vital in help and prayer. I think we now have the most powerful prayer team in America right here at HCC.

Our pastor, Bishop Dennis Leonard felt the Lord leading for the church to continue in prayer and the glory is still happening! Praise you Jesus. Thank God for our Pastor, Bishop Dennis Leonard for His vision and radical commitment. He is truly a mighty man of God.

At the conclusion I was totally exhausted in mind and body. My body could hardly deal with the amount of Glory filling me. I have had to rest and try to refresh. I did not know I would ever live to see such things happen in America. I can die at peace. Yet the Glory continues! Amen.

Many many people were saved every day and dozens have been baptized.

Jesus did, can and will heal every area of our lives. Let Jesus meet your needs today.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1