I begin to carry the cross in Turkey at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. With two of my sons, Joel and Joshua, by my side we prayed and started carrying the cross west through this huge city.

We had no problems, thank you Jesus.

All my family was with me on this crosswalk in Turkey. We had our car and a camper trailer. What a wonderful time with Gina, Joel, Joy, Joshua, Joseph and Jerusalem.

The biggest problem was the traffic! It was unreal. Cars everywhere! They drove on the highway and on the sides of the highway and anywhere else they could go. It was wild.

We carried the cross west going toward Greece.

After several days of carrying the cross we had a horrible car accident. At the end of a day of cross walking I got to our car. I tied the cross on top to drive to a campground ahead of us. I planned to return to the same spot the next day.

I was driving and all the family was in the car. The car was a station wagon or estate car and I was pulling our camping trailer. On a mountain side, I passed a slow moving truck. A car approaching us was passing another car and I had to slow down. The big truck behind us did not slow down. It crashed into the rear of the caravan and flipped us off the side of a cliff.

The car and the trailer flipped end over end then rolled to a stop. Joel was thrown out the side window with his feet caught in the window. He was fine.

Everyone was thrown about but I was the only one
with an injury, small cut above my eye. The cars stopped up on the highway and thought we were all surely dead. Jesus saved us all!

The trailer was destroyed and the car crashed in. At one point in the crash the car landed upside down on top of the cross then turned over again.

This ended our cross walk in Turkey. We had a wonderful witness with officials as we tried to sort out the accident.

We had a powerful witness and prayed with several to be saved and become followers of Jesus.

All glory to God.

Pilgrim Followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1