I have carried the cross several times in Sweden. This is a wonderful country for welcoming the cross.

Though the years I have preached in many churches in Sweden. The response has been glorious.

Along the highways and streets many people stopped and wanted to talk. I spoke of Jesus and the cross and many came to give their lives to Jesus as their Savior and Lord. All I’ve ever found is welcome and friendship. Praise

In 1987 I carried the cross from Goteborg to Stockholm. It was a beautiful walk on the roadsides of Sweden and the people were just great.

The news coverage was good and so the witness went out to the entire nation.

I carried the cross in Sweden in 1980 and preached some meetings. My sons Joel and Joshua were with me.

I carried the cross some in Sweden in 1982 with my daughter Joy and son Joshua.

In 2001 my wife, Denise was with me in Stockholm and I carried the cross with my son, Joshua.

God bless Sweden

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1