South Georgia


After several days at sea from the Falkland Islands we arrived at this majestic place. We sailed past huge icebergs into St. Andrews Bay.

There were thousands of King Penguins! We landed by zodiac (small rubber boat). It was one of the most incredible sights to behold; penguins swimming in the sea, penguins along the shore and penguins by the thousands all waddling along in the sand and surf. They filled the area up to the mountains that hover above the bay.

Denise, my wife went ecstatic with joy and laughter! She was taking photos everywhere. I carried the cross in a big loop around the area walking slowly among the penguins. The most interesting thing was that the penguins were fascinated with the rubber wheel on the cross! They would come up to me, look and then go back to the wheel and peck at it!

SouthGeorgiaIs4There was a cold wind blowing but one forgot about the cold, as this was a time of a lifetime. After a few hours on shore we tried to go back on our zodiac but the wind started blowing so hard and the waves were huge. It was very dangerous getting back on the ship but at last all were back safe and sound.

We sailed on to another place near by called Geytinsha.There is an old whaling station with two caretakers.They were very welcoming of the cross. Also, there were about 75 British troops. We gave them Jesus stickers and gospel material and prayed with several.

Denise and I carried the cross to the old church. It isnow of course empty and abandoned. I brought the cross into the building and sang a song and preached! It was thrilling.

Then I carried the cross to the top of a nearby hill and lifted it up as Denise took photos. It was so moving and touching. I will never forget how I felt the mighty Glory of God on that hill with the cross lifted up.

Oh it felt so good to not be seasick! How wonderful to be on land and with the penguins and people. Oh, I love you Jesus! I am not ashamed of Jesus and the Cross.

All glory to God.

All the South Atlantic Islands

Falkland Islands, South Georgia Islands, Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena, Ascension, Cape Verde and The Canary Islands:

For just over a month my wife Denise and I carried the cross in these six remote Atlantic Islands. It was one of the most glorious trips filled with the awesome beauty of nature. There was the peace of being at sea and experiencing the wonder of God’s creations.

We flew into the Falkland Islands from Chile. Carried the cross in the Falklands and then boarded a ship to take us to the other islands of this trip. The name of the ship was “The Explorer.” It held about a hundred people. Most of the passengers were members of the Century Travelers Club.

The way it worked was for us to sail for a day or two or even a week to an island group. Then we would go ashore by zodiac (small rubber boat). The travelers would go back and forth from the landing to the ship. Most of the time it was very difficult and dangerous to get on the zodiac because it was bobbing up and down in the water. We had to go down the side of the ship on some shaky steps then leap onto the little boat. We would wait till last so we could have the cross handed down to us on the bouncing boat!

The cross is six feet across and twelve feet long.

The crew was so nice to us and happy to have the cross. Most were Catholic from the Philippines. They wanted me to do a special mass for them. We planned it and most of the crew came and heard me speak of Jesus and salvation and they prayed to receive Jesus. Then we had the Bread and Wine of Holy Communion!

The members of the Century Travelers Club asked to hear us so we spoke to that group one day. Two of the travelers gave their lives to Jesus.

On board the ship both Denise and I were seasick most of the time! On land we were great but get the ship rocking and we were ill. Only Jesus could get me to do something like this. This was not one of the big cruise ships but an old icebreaker used most of the time in Antarctica.

This was our home for a month. We loved it and praise God. What a privilege to carry the cross in the remote Atlantic Islands.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt,
Luke 18:1