Solomon Islands


We arrived at the airport at Honiara on the island of Guadalcanal. I began the walk at the airport. The airport workers and taxi drivers and police all gathered around to see the cross. I preached before I ever took a step.

Oh, it was hot. As I began carrying the cross toward town, reporters for the national radio station came out and did an interview, then the national newspaper. People came out of their homes to the roadside as the word spread. Cars and buses stopped. I carried the cross to the hotel were Denise, my wife, were staying. A preacher wanted us to preach at his church located just near our hotel.

The pastor told me the immigration officials at the airport had call the press and him. We had a great meeting at the church and as the word spread about the meeting the church was overflowing! What a glory day. We had not known anyone when we arrived just a few hours earlier.

The phone rang the early next morning and it was the secretary for the Governor General of the Solomon Islands! He said he would like to see us tomorrow’¦and bring the cross!

We carried the cross into the city and there the Glory of the Lord poured out! Crowds were waiting for the cross and wanting me to preach and lead them in prayer. We were on the front page of the newspaper. It seemed like every fifth person had a newspaper. As we moved into the city it was like a tidal wave moving.. People left their shops and office buildings to gather. I preached over and over to people totaling in the thousands.

Solomon3The next day Denise and I carried the cross to the elegant home and office of the Governor General, Sir George Lepping. He is the Head of State here for the Queen of England. He and his lovely wife had heard my interview on the radio and they wanted to officially welcome the cross and us to the Solomon Islands. We had a Bible study about Jesus and a sinners prayer together. They gave us each a “Guadalcanal Medal” and a card of their family and some money to help us on our trip. We took photos outside. They were so different from most politicians. This was no hype but a heart felt welcome from beautiful people.

On the walk back to town we preached to a school of children. I spoke at the police station in the city. We preached tonight at a big church in the city. It was the South Seas Islands Church. People were everywhere. They filled the church and doors and windows. What a glorious day.

The next day we tried to get through town but progress was slow! I spoke at the National Police Headquarters. Also I spoke at a gathering of nurses and at many other places. It was simply walk and talk and preach and pray.

The churches had promoted a giant rally in the city center for Saturday. The newspapers and radio were also promoting it.

From the time we walked out of our hotel until we reached the city center, people were lined up ten or twenty deep waiting for the cross. They had a little open path for Denise and me to carry the cross. Crying and smiling people were reaching out to touch the cross. It was just the most glorious time and welcome for the cross of Jesus! The Glory of God was poured out!

When I reached the place to speak they had prepared big loudspeakers. I preached about Jesus! Thousands were gathered. So many gave their hearts to Jesus and committed to follow Him.

Let me just say that it was very hard for for us to leave. We were crying.

God bless the Solomon Islands,

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1