What a glorious walk with the cross we had in Sicily. My wife, Denise and I were there in February and March during the tourist ‘off season’. This was good time for the crosswalk as we got to know and share Jesus with the local people.

Sicily5We carried the cross along the East coast from Maxos down through Catania and Syracusa to the south coast toward Vittoria. The history of this area goes back thousands of years.

We also carried the cross past Mt. Etna, the famous volcano.

Syracuse is on of the places that the Apostle Paul from the Bible stopped on his way to Rome in the 1 st Century. It was really thrilling to carry the cross there. Denise and I had a great witness walking with the cross along the city streets.

The Glory of the Lord came along the road from Syracusa to Cassibile! Car after car stopped and the people wanted to talk. People invited us into their homes and shops. I prayed with so many to receive Jesus as Savior. It was simply

We rented a car and Denise drove up the road a few miles and would find a place to park. There she would wait for me to come carrying the cross.

One day a found a small restaurant with an old lady doing the cooking! Oh, was her food great!

Pilgrim followers of Jesus

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1