Orkney Islands


We arrived by ship from the Scottish mainland and immediately began the cross walk from Stromness to Kirkwall the capital. Denise drove there to find a place to stay and I walked the roadside being welcomed by sheep and cattle on the green rolling hillsides along the stonewall fences. Denise arrived back with roadside lunch and we walked on. Late in the afternoon the local weekly newspaper reporter from The Arcadian arrived to do a story. People had been phoning them. Shortly the Radio Orkney reporter also arrived to do a roadside interview. Both reporters were wonderful men and very welcoming. The first day was quiet but several people stopped. Made it to Kirkwall.

orkney2Began the crosswalk today from the south end of the island. Met and talked a long time with a wonderful man who is now living in an old church for his home. He did not know Jesus and I talked a long time with him. He went up and talked to Denise too. See, the church building is not holy and even living in one does not make one know Jesus. Same as living in the Bible lands or Jerusalem or Bethlehem does not make you holy. Just look at what is, and has happened there.

People were stopping their cars today and even bringing their children to have their photos taken with the cross and me. They saw it posted on the newspaper website!

Newspaper reporters came out and the radio station played the interview. Today we carried the cross to and around the standing stones. Story later.

orkney3Carried the cross into the city of Kirkwall and many people came up to us pointing the way to the Radio Station and saying, “The radio announcer today asked that anyone seeing you with the cross to tell you to contact the station as they have so many people calling and looking for you.” We went to the station and all the staff greeted us and said they had the most response to the interview with me that they had ever had.

The staff was wonderful. We even posed for photos. We made calls to people from the station and one man came to the station to greet us and walk with the cross. Denise phoned a pastor from the Shetland Islands where we are going next and
he is setting up some meetings. A day of much witnessing and praying with people. Spoke to a youth meeting tonight with many making a commitment to Jesus. Great day. Went to a home late in the evening and ate and had fellowship.

Had a great day of walking and witness. Tonight there was a beautiful dinner given for us by Mr. Les Cowan and friends. He heard me speak as a 14 year old boy and made a commitment to Jesus. He was so thrilled to meet me and welcome us. Those are just the most wonderful people there! Praise God. Did television and newspaper interviews from Scotland. Sailed to Shetland.

Arthur on the Orkney Islands In front of the standing stones

Blood of Jesus, the Cross, the Stones, the Devil and Saudi Arabia!

May 16th: This is one of the most amazing stories in my life. Please follow this carefully.

orkney4Denise and I felt led of the Lord to go and carry the cross and lift it up above the old pagan worship sights on Orkney Island. They are older than the pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China and Stonehenge in England. They date back about 5,000 years ago. We drove to the area and then started carrying the cross. We carried the cross to and then on top of ‘Maes Howe’ a pyramid like structure now covered with
soil. One can walk in by the passageways. What a powerful moment as I stood the cross up on the top and pleaded the Blood of Jesus. Then I carried the cross on to the ‘Stone Circles’. I carried the cross around them and then stood the cross upright in the midst of them, prayed and walked on down the road to the ‘Ring of Brogan’, a huge circle of 60 stones but only about 30 are still standing.

There Denise and I carried the cross around them. I stood the cross upright in the center of the circle and again pleaded the Blood of Jesus and proclaimed, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” I Corinthians 10:26. This same thing I have done in every country on earth. Just never have spoken about it much. We had a good witness to many people along the way and after the walk around the last stones we prayed with a couple. Praise God. Our prayers were short around the stones and after we left did not think too much about it.

May 17th: This is the day after we carried the cross to, around, above and lifted it up in the midst of the stones. The visits to our website at www.blessitt.com jumped from about 4,500 on the 16th to almost 14,000 on the 17th and then to 15,000 and up to a high of 22,000 in one day! Our website visits for May was 307,045! This is just in one month!

Starting May 17th, the day after pleading the Blood of Jesus around the stones, our website visits exploded from of all places Saudi Arabia! Our site statistics show almost 32,000 people visited our site from Saudi Arabia in one month! The huge increase in visits was from Saudi! Now get this 10%, 1 out of 10 visits to the website came from Saudi Arabia! Out of our top 10 referral sites, seven are in Arabic! When you see the hits are from Saudi one can easily see what is happening. E-mail has been flooding in to us from Saudi.

orkney5Some angry, others inquiring about the cross and knowing Jesus! This is one of the most historic things in witnessing to the people of Saudi Arabia that has ever happened. Saudi Arabia does not allow any churches, does not want the Cross or Bible in its country. Does not allow any preaching or teaching about Jesus. However, the Lord is using the Internet to reach that nation. Denise and I carried the cross in Saudi Arabia. See our website at (www.blessitt.com/saudi_journey.html) in 1998.

I ask you to consider why after four years and the link being on our website did this huge increase of visits happen from Saudi Arabia?

First: The cross had been carried in Saudi Arabia in 1998.

Second: The Cross in Space project. The Cross and Bible satellite will be in orbit circling over all the earth including Saudi Arabia. This launch looks like it will take place in 2003. The news that the cross will be above Saudi is sweeping that nation. Our number one link at our website is www.blessitt.com/crossinspace/index.html. The cross in space project has already been used to get more lost people to our website than anything else! It has already proved to be one of the most effective tools of evangelism I have ever seen.

Third: May 16th we lifted the cross up above the Orkney Stones and pleaded the Blood of Jesus!
May 17th started the Jesus and Cross break through in Saudi Arabia. In Mecca the Muslims march around a huge ‘Black Stone’. I leave it to you to draw the conclusions. All the above is fact.

A war broke out in the spirit world as the cross was lifted up and the Blood of Jesus pleaded over, around and in the center of those pagan stones and people in Saudi responded immediately.

I know the Lord Jesus has called us to carry the cross in every inhabited island group on earth. We have already carried the cross in every independent nation.

These little islands seem so far away from the main events of the world. I want to be on the “front lines” of witness. I have honestly struggled a bit with this. But God pulled back the veil He put on my eyes to show me what is truly happening in the Spirit world in the heavens as the cross walk goes on and is lifted up on earth. The cross is lifted up in Orkney above the stones and huge response to the cross breaks out in Saudi Arabia! Oh, thank you Jesus!

I simply rest in your call and will stay focused on your mission and call. We will obey and leave the result to you. So we go on with the cross in fresh renewal! Glory!

There is power in prayer, power in the Blood of Jesus and power in the Cross, and power in the cross being carried in every nation, island group and territory. Thanks for helping send us on.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18