I have carried the cross many times in different places in Norway. For me, it is one of the most wonderful places on earth.

Norway6My first cross walk in Norway was in August 1980. I preached at a large meeting and had a glorious crosswalk in Molde. I loved it there.

My sons, Joshua and Joel were with me and I went up into the mountains to minister at a gathering on a farm. It was a time of a powerful move of the Holy Spirit.

We met with the Mayor of Oslo on August 7th . Had a very powerful visit and he welcomed us and the cross to Norway. We met with the Head Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Norway on August 22 and had a great talk about Jesus.

Then I preached at the historic Trinity Lutheran Church in Oslo on the night of the 22nd . There were about a thousand young people doing Jesus cheers and praising God
and I was preaching with excitement and joy. It was awesome!

On August the 23rd we had a cross march and then a rally

I had a most wonderful time with my sons.

My next crosswalk in Norway was in June 1982 . This time I carried the cross from Oslo to Sweden. Joy, one of my daughters was with me along with Joshua my son. We had our car and a camper trailer to live in. I carried the cross and they drove the car!

Norway7We also preached at some meetings in Norway. It was so good to be on the road with my children and to meet the people who were eager to stop and talk and pray!

In the late 80’s I did another cross walk in the north of Norway .

“It is so wonderful to be carrying the cross inside the Arctic Circle. I carried the cross from Northern Sweden into Northern Norway. It is so beautiful. It rained all day and there was a cold wind. The snow came down about me in the mountains. Many cars stopped and I had a good witness to a lot of people who are on holiday and are camping. It is just a dreamland to carry the cross inside the Arctic Circle for the first time.

“Flowers are so beautiful here, many I had never seen before. Some are white like cotton balls. The splendor of the flowers and the crystal clear streams are indescribable. The land is tundra, which is the vegetation that has died but not yet really become soil. When you step on it and it sinks down. It is a very special mixture of soil, vegetation and leaves. Everything is so fresh and clean. The mountain streams run alongside the roadside. Fresh smoked fish is sold along the roadsides. It is delicious eating as they smoke the fish over fires alongside thread. There are gorgeous fjords where the old glaciers in the ancient cen-
tries cut through the rocks and water with steep cliffs rising up from the water’s edge and surrounded by snow-capped hills. The only bad things are the mosquitoes, which swarm and attack with a vengeance. They are here by the “billions.”

“There is a feeling up here that I have never experienced in my life. It is maybe like the way creation was in the beginning, you feel you are in a cool Garden of Eden. I don’t have enough words to describe how beautiful and wonderful it was to be at the top of the world carrying the cross. The roads are good, the people are friendly, and the scenery is fabulous. There is just nothing missing up here. At night in the summertime it never gets dark, it’s daylight all night. The sun stays up and at midnight you can see clearly. It’s just an incredible feeling. To get any darkness you have to put down the blinds in your room or close the window shutters to shut out all the daylight. Many seem to party all night; the nightclubs are open throughout the night. Praise God, the cross at the Arctic Circle! It’s another historical moment. I finally made it to the coast at Narvik, Norway from Kiruna, Sweden.”

In August 2001 Denise my wife and I went on another crosswalk in Norway. We started at Skage, Norway and carried the cross through Dteintjer to Hell and on to Trondhiem. It is true that there is a town in Norway called ‘Hell’! So I carried the cross through Hell and out! Glory

This was a glorious time. We preached in many Churches along the way and saw many people pray and come to Jesus.

My son Joshua is now an associate pastor at Bethel Church in Trondheim and he also is a leader in the Bethel Bible School there.

Joshua came out on the road with many Bible school students. They carried the cross and we would stop and do a Bible teaching. It was wonderful.

The students also met us near the city of Trondheim and walked with the cross, me and Denise on into the city center where we did an outdoor rally.

I then preached at the church and taught at the Bible School. They have a wonderful pastor at Bethel Church, Rev. Karl Axel.

In November 2003 Denise and I were back again to preach and teach and do an outdoor rally in the city center of Trondhiem.

My son, Joshua, his lovely wife Nina and their son Gabriel live in Norway.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1