Norfolk Island


This is a wonderful island with wonderful people. We carried the cross around most of Norfolk Island and had a glorious time.

We met some of the most friendly and beautiful people that we’ve seen anywhere in the world.

We rented a car and my wife, Denise, would drive up the highway and wait for me to arrive with the cross. I always had a beautiful view.

One night my wife and I had dinner in the ‘world famous beer bottle house’. This is just a private home made out of beer bottles!

We met many wonderful followers of Jesus here. We also did an interview with the local newspaper and radio station.

We had the joy of praying with several to become believers in and followers of Jesus. I will never forget having a long conversation with one man who had totally rejected anything to do with Jesus. But he liked the idea of us walking with the cross around the world. Soon we were talking about Jesus and not religion. He went and got his wife and returned to talk more. He did not pray but did let me pray for them. We felt a bond of friendship and he had a different attitude toward Jesus.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1