May-June 2008

What a glorious time my wife Denise and I, along with our four year old daughter, Sophia had on this wonderful island.
Mayotte is an island in the Indian Ocean that is a part of France. It is off the coast of Africa. There is only one city on the island. We did a great crosswalk in the heat and along winding and up and down roads in the jungle bush and from village to village.

The people were lovely and welcoming. The island is about 99% Muslim. We had a good witness for Jesus and some good conversations and prayer.

We were here for a week and had a lovely time. Denise and Sophia had a great time playing in the water during the heat of the day. I am not much for lying in the sun. I love to carry the cross but after my walk that I love the cool. Ha As I have grown older the heat at mid-day bothers me a lot. This was not so when I was younger, but now it does.

Jesus did it. Glory

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1