With my son, Joshua I carried the cross on Malta. We carried the twelve-foot cross from the capital city of Valletta to the far side of the island.

The people were wonderful and responsive to the cross and the message of Jesus. There are churches located everywhere on Malta.

We rented a car and Joshua drove up the road in front of me and would wait for me to arrive.

When we arrived at Mellieha with the cross. We wanted to have a prayer and visit the huge church. I left the cross leaning against the church building and Joshua and I started to go into the church, but the guard would not let me in the church because I had on a tee shirt! He saw I was carrying a cross, but no I could not enter!

My, oh my, how we have lost the message of Jesus in religious trivia!

I was okay and continued to carry the cross on. But wondered how other people may view this kind of action as the attitude of Jesus toward them.

It’s not the outward appearance but the heart!

We talked with many people along the way and in the capital. Many people prayed with us to receive Jesus as Savior and committed their lives to follow Him.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1