This nation made up of tiny islands is surely the pearl of God’s creation. There are about as many islands as there are people. The country is completely Muslim in a very strict sense.

Even the immigration form forbids any objects of worship being admitted into the country. We don’t worship the cross; it’s only a symbol. We worship the living God. The customs official
felt along the sleeping bag holding the cross, but seemed to think
it was some type of new water sport equipment.

Outside the baggage area are young men trying to get you to go to various islands. Usually there is only one hotel per island. The people on the island work at the hotels. We prayed and chose the one with the lowest price!

A 45-minute ride brought us to an earthly paradise. Crystal clear blue water, tropical trees and flowers and white powder sand. We had a short rest as the walks were short … snorkeling in the clear water and the sunsets and sunrises were stunning.

The cross walks along the sand trail and shore line created quite a sensation. The locals kept their distance but they knew we were there! Denise, my wife and I could only praise God for the beauty of His creation and rested in love as only two completely happy and content people can.

Jesus did it! Glory. We tried to talk with people as we carried the cross but most looked away. However, we gave some tracts about Jesus. People would talk with us but not when we were carrying the cross.

All glory to God. The cross was carried in the Maldives!

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1