Arthur in the Aland Islands

Aland Islands

Arthur in the Aland Islands
Denise in the Aland Islands

The Aland Islands are part of the Nordic Council of Nations. These islands are a part of Finland but Swedish is spoken. This Island Nation is a “no military zone”.

It is a beautiful and peaceful place on God’s good earth.

We flew into the airport from Stockholm, Sweden, and rented a car and got a hotel room in town. As I prayed over the map God told me where to carry the cross. Denise, my wife drove the car with supplies and I carried the cross. A young lady at a kiosk, who loves Jesus, talked to me as I got bought an ice cream and drink. She was so excited. Her brother called the local newspaper and a reporter came and did a story that was on the front page of the paper the next day. The father of the girl and boy came to see us and said their pastor wanted us to preach. All of this was a direct result of a 16 year old girl and her love for Jesus and her country.

Aland Islands
Aland Islands Friends

One day as I was carrying the cross I met a lady on a bicycle. We began to talk and she gave her life to Jesus. I will never forget the huge tears flowing down her cheeks. It was thrilling beyond words.

We had a beautiful and fruitful crosswalk on these islands. There was a rock concert in town and crowds of people. What a time of witness and salvation.

God bless the people of the Aland Islands.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1