Hong Kong


It was a powerful time carrying the cross in the small nation of Hong Kong. My dear friends, Jerry Swanson and Evangelist Leo Humphrey from the United States carried the cross with me on this trip.

We had a great prayer meeting at the communist China border and then carried the cross along a narrow road past homes, fields and fishponds. At first the people seemed very afraid of us but slowly the word spread and people were welcoming and gathering to get our gospel material. We walked on into the city center. There the streets were crowded with people walking and bumper-to-bumper traffic.

A reporter from the national newspaper came out and did a great story that was in the next day’s paper. This was a great time of witness both to the business community and then into the poor areas. We carried the cross in the “Wall City.”
This area is a high crime area and jammed with almost a little of everything in the world.

One day we were walking in the city center where the high-rise office buildings are located. Suddenly the Glory of the Lord fell. People started rushing up to the cross. Great crowds gathered and we preached in the street and many came to commit their lives to Jesus.

We preached several days at the Y.W.C.A meeting hall. After carrying the cross during the day we would leave the cross at the meeting hall. One evening I took a taxi from the hotel to the Y.W.C.A. When I got out and paid the driver I forgot and left my Bible on the back seat. The taxi was gone before I noticed I had left it. There are tens of thousands of taxis in this city of five million.

My Bible was lost, forever it seemed. I went ahead and preached. At the end of my message I gave a call for people to come forward and pray and receive Jesus as their Savior. One young lady came forward. I prayed with her through the Chinese interpreter and she received Jesus as her Savior.

I then said to the audience that I had lost my Bible in the taxi. I said these just as way to explain why I had not held my Bible during the message as I normally do.

When the young lady heard this she raised my Bible up where she was now sitting on the front row! I was in shock but even more as she told her story.

She had not known Jesus as her Savior but was very interested. Someone invited her to the meeting and gave her the address. She waved down a taxi to bring her to the meeting. On the seat was a Bible in English. She did not read English but as she was on the way to the meeting she picked it up and brought it in with her. She did not know it was my Bible till she heard me say I had lost mine in a taxi.

Can you believe the Lord Jesus delivered the Bible back to me and saved a soul! The crowd exploded in applause!
Jesus did it.

All glory to God,

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1