My wife, Denise and I began our Guyana crosswalk in Georgetown. The people were very wonderful. Many stopped to talk and take gospel material. A lot of people were hungry to pray and welcome Jesus into their lives as Savior and Lord.

We did a newspaper story, radio and television interviews. Denise and I carried the cross through the downtown area and the markets. We went in Jesus Name and it was glorious. People rushed up to the cross in great numbers. It was glory, glory, glory!

We carried the cross on out of town. Many people stopped in their cars and vans to talk and pray and receive gospel material.

Denise and I got a ride an hour out of town then hired a small boat to take us and the cross to the area where the Arawak Indians lived. We carried the cross in their villages and had a glorious time. I preached the message of Jesus and prayed with the people. It was a good witness in the jungle.

A pilgrim follower of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1