Falkland Islands


We landed at the airport in the Falkland Islands on a flight from Chile. We were with a group of Travelers Century Club members ready to meet our boat and sail through the South Atlantic Islands.

When we arrived and went to get our baggage we discovered that all the baggage from our group was being taken directly to the ship in a container. We could not get the cross! “No way, they said.” We could only get our bags when we were at sea. But we were to carry the cross in the Falklands!

FalkandIslands5At the immigration station a man said, “An officer is waiting to meet you.” As my wife, Denise and I stepped out a British Army Captain, Andy greeted us. He had read in the newspaper that the cross was coming to the Falklands and he was here with several followers of Jesus to meet and welcome us. I told him of our problem about getting the cross out of the container. He went away and by the grace of God returned with our cross!

We drove near the main town of Stanley and I began carrying the cross toward the city. Several people walked with us. The local paper had gotten my news information and put it in their paper. Everyone knew the cross was coming. We talked to many of the people and prayed with several. Most people at least waved to us or looked out the store windows or doorways.

We went to a local home and had a meal and a good number of believers met us there. We had to leave that night to board the ship. About a dozen people were there to see us off.

The shipload of passengers were boarding or already on the ship looking out when we arrived with the big cross. They were shocked and amazed to see the cross being raised up by the winch to the ship!

We had a great day on the Falklands.

All night we rocked and rolled in the ship and I was sick, but at dawn we got in calm waters as we neared a small island in the Falklands.

We unloaded with the cross onto a zodiac (small rubber boat). We were in the middle of a colony of penguins. They loved the cross. They came up to peck the rubber wheel on the end of the cross. Also there was a huge colony of sea lions and many varieties of birds.

We went to the one of the island caretakers’ house and shop and had tea and fellowship. They were totally shocked to have a big cross come to their little island.

Soon we were back on board the ship and sailing off toward South Georgia.

All the South Atlantic Islands
Falkland Islands, South Georgia Islands, Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena, Ascension, Cape Verde and The Canary Islands:

For just over a month my wife Denise and I carried the cross in these six remote Atlantic Islands. It was one of the most glorious trips filled with awesome in beauty in nature. There was the peace of being at sea and experiencing the wonder of God’s creation.

We flew into the Falkland Islands from Chile. Carried the cross there in the Falklands and then boarded a ship to take us to the other islands of this trip. The name of the ship was “The Explorer.” It held about a hundred people. Most of the passengers were members of the Century Travelers Club.

The way it worked was for us to sail for a day or two or even a week to an island group. Then we would go ashore by zodiac (small rubber boats). They would go back and forth taking from the landing to the ship. Most of the time it was very difficult and dangerous to get on the zodiac because it was bobbing up and down in the water. You had to go down the side of the ship on some shaky steps then leap onto the little boat. We would wait till last so we could have the cross handed down to us on the bouncing boat! Ha! The cross is six foot across and twelve foot long.

The crew was so nice to us and happy to have the cross. Most were Catholic from the Philippines. They wanted me to do a special mass for them. We planed it and most of the crew came and heard me speak of Jesus and salvation and they prayed to receive Jesus. Then we had the Bread and Wine of Holy Communion!

The people of the Century Travelers Club want to hear us so we spoke to that group one day. Two of the travelers gave their lives to Jesus.

On board the ship both Denise and I were seasick most of the time! On land we were great but get the ship rocking and we were ill. Only Jesus could get me to do something like this. This was not one of the big cruise ships but a old ice breaker used most of the time in Antarctica.

This was our home for a month. We loved it and praise God. What a privilege to carry the cross in the remote Atlantic Islands.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1