Equatorial Guinea and Bioko Island


We flew here from Sao Tome and oh what a flight it was. It was a plane that should have been in the dump. Ha! I had to hold the side door shut. There were 7 passengers and the baggage was in the aisle and on our laps. The cross was also in the aisle. Seemed that no instruments on the plane were working. There were no life vests on the plane. Talk about ‘a wing and a prayer’ this was it!

We carried the cross on the island of Bioko and stayed in the town of Malabo.

My wife, Denise and I had a wonderful crosswalk and the people were very welcoming. We gave out gospel material and Jesus stickers.

It also took a miracle to fly out of here. The airline flying in here canceled all their flights so we joined with some other people we met and chartered a small plane to fly us to Cameroon. This plane was in good shape. The photo shows the cross as it is unbolted to fit in a airplane. The cross when I carry it is twelve foot long and six feet across.

Somehow I have lost the photos of carrying the cross in Equatorial Guinea.

We had a good witness in this nation.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1