East Timor


My wife, Denise and I arrived at the airport at Dili, East Timor. The country was in the transition from being a part of Indonesia to an independent nation. War had raged for years and now the U.N. was in control through the transition.

We got our visa at the airport and cleared customs. We had found it difficult to get information so we had no place to stay. We saw a man standing outside the terminal in the small crowd. I felt led to ask him about accommodations. He spoke English, owned a small hotel and only one room vacant. Now we had a place to stay.

Over the next several days we carried the cross in and about Dili, the capital. In the city center it was impossible to give out Jesus stickers and gospel material. The crowds of people would gather by the hundreds. They were pushing and shoving and eager to get the gospel material. I would just have to throw it in the air and walk on. Where the people were fewer we could give out Jesus stickers and gospel material. Some spoke English and would interpret the message of Jesus for us. We saw many pray and invite Jesus to save them and come and live in their hearts. How glorious.

All about were the signs of war. Blown up buildings were evident. The people had many sad stories to tell of oppression and war.

We had a great time at our little hotel and a great witness with everyone there.

May God bless and give peace and blessing in this new independent nation.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1