Denise and I carried the cross to the city of Zagreb today. Denise is driving in front of me and then waiting for me to walk up. In the large cities, she stops the Land Rover and joins me. We walk into the city together, then we return to get the Land Rover. It is the most glorious experience to be walking along with Denise. She is carrying a bag full of gospel tracts, Bibles, Jesus stickers, the camera and her big lovely smile. When we meet people, she dashes over and gives them a tract or sticker. It is just the most beautiful team that you could ever imagine. We went up through the city to two big churches in the upper city. As we were going along, one lovely old lady led us toward the church. She was so sweet to Denise.

Then we went down into the hill lined with little shops along the cobblestone street. Croatia had voted out communism a few weeks ago and now private industry is emerging everywhere. Yet I fear war will soon ravage this lovely land. The people in the marketplace were so nice and sweet and they were happy to have the cross come through the new market. We went up to a cathedral and prayed, when we came out, there were people waiting to greet us. We finally made our way to the Square of the Revolution. I leaned the cross against the flagpole. In just a moment someone came up and began to look and then others gathered. We stayed in the center of the square for hours as we talked to people and prayed with them to give their life to Jesus Christ and to follow Him.

Croatia5One man who had seen me in Hollywood, California when I was fasting at the cross in 1969 came up. It is beautiful to be able to be out on the streets with these people, the poor, the rich, the lonely, the searching, and the lost. The world of true life surrounds the cross and us as war clouds gather.

On this trip we are carrying the cross in certain areas
of a country then driving on into another country. We
pray and follow the way we feel God’s Spirit leads
us to go.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1