1988, 1995, 2003

I have carried the cross three times in Chile.

The first time was in 1988 when my son, Joshua, and I went to Punta Arenas at the bottom of Chile. We had a glorious cross walk in the area of the city and in the city. Many people were welcoming and I led several to Jesus in Spanish. This area is just incredible in beauty and splendor.

We took a boat from Chile to Antarctica. The route of the boat from Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams is one of the most beautiful places on God’s good earth. I know because I have carried the cross in every nation.

Joshua and I had our crosses strapped to the deck of the boat. We went by awesome icebergs and glaciers. The passage is narrow with mountains and snow rising up from the sea.

When we arrived at Puerto Williams I unloaded the cross and carried it in the southern most town in the Americas. Some ladies had gone to the church to pray but it was closed. As they were leaving we came up with the cross. I spoke to them is Spanish and they said they needed to pray but the church was closed. I told them that they could pray at the cross under God’s heaven. They prayed and gave their lives to Jesus. Glory at the south tip of South America! This is a lovely little town.

We then left to sail on to Antarctica.

My wife, Denise, and I returned to carry the cross in Chile in 1995 on our way to the Falkland Islands. We carried the cross in Santiago. Many people gathered around and we met people which we came back later to visit at the end of our trip.

We rented a car and drove to the coast and started walking at San Antonio and then on up the beautiful road that hugs the sea and mountains all the way up past Vina del Mar past Papudo.

One thrilling site was a little island just off the road that was full of penguins! I know God loves me because He shows me the most beautiful places in the world. And I thank and praise Him. We had some wonderful witness with the people. This crosswalk was relaxing and refreshing and great preparation for the next five weeks on a ship from Antarctica to Europe and all the small island groups in between.

In 2003 Denise and I carried the cross in Easter Island and Robinson Crusoe Islands, which are part of Chile. We had to fly in and out of Santiago three times for this trip. We went back with the cross to the streets of Santiago! It was wonderful. Denise celebrated a birthday there and we had a fabulous Sushi dinner at a great restaurant.

I love Chile and the beautiful people of the nation.

Pilgrim folowers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt,
Luke 18:1