I had a powerful crosswalk in Singapore in January 1977. Not only was it powerful, it helped me learn many lessons.

I seem to have lost all photos of the cross walk in Singapore except this newspaper photoSingapore1

When we arrived at the airport the immigration officials called me over to the side. They knew who I was and that I had been carrying the cross in Australia. They said I needed a work permit! I said ‘I don’t work, I just praise the Lord!’ They looked in their book for the word and ask me to spell it! They could not find it and just let us in with a warning that if I worked I must have a permit. Once I arrived in the city nation of Singapore I contacted some friends whose names had been given to me in Australia. These were committed church people who would help with the crosswalk.

Everyone that was a believer was afraid for me to openly carry the cross in the streets. Not one person wanted to be involved. As I lay in the floor praying I felt Jesus say to me “Just go.” Take the cross and start at the GPO (the General Post Office) and carry the cross to Malaysia to the capital at Kuala Lumpur. It helped me greatly to realize that often the religious in sensitive countries would not want to be identified with the cross. They fear that should I get arrested and in trouble by carrying the cross they would be involved and could go to jail or be deported. Now, no longer did I try to contact church people before I begin. Let them find me after I had started should they be interested.The church people were warning me that I would be arrested or that the people would rise up against the cross..

On January the 5 th I took the cross into the heart of Singapore. I had no idea what would happen that day but I knew Jesus was with me and He was in control. I had called the news and told them what I was doing. The main newspaper of Singapore was waiting with a photographer. They took photos and did an interview.

Then I lifted the cross to my shoulders and started to walk. Glory! This was the first step with the cross in Asia! All Glory to God. Jesus did it.

Every person was friendly! The police were waving to me and many people rushed up to talk. Some just stood and looked in shock. I carried the cross through the city heading toward Malaysia.

Five of my children were with me on this trip, Gina, Joel, Joy, Joshua and Joseph.

The next day the story of me carrying the cross was in the newspaper with a large photo. It was very hot but the people were wonderful. Many cheered me on with the cross.

I got to the bridge leading to Malaysia and walked on.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1