Pam Bam Island

November 2007

Pambam4What a glorious walk with the cross in the far islands of the sea in the Indian Ocean. Pam Bam Island is located between India and Sri Lanka. By the grace and mercy of God we are now home but much of our hearts we left behind with some of the most beautiful people on earth. This was a time of true ministry in the example of our Lord Jesus. We saw some of the worst suffering and some of the best serving of others I have ever witnessed.

I bolted the cross together near a refuge camp from the war in Sri Lanka, lay
on the ground and prayed then lifted the cross to my shoulders and started
off with Denise and Sophia down the road as we headed toward the road junction there at the south part of mainland India. When I drew near

Pambam9with the cross at that junction people were rushing to the road to have me lay hands on their heads and bless them. This was like the first rain drop of a coming flood. Hour after hour people rushed to the cross along the road to Pam Bam Island and then on across the island. The local believers had never seen anything like
it. The Glory was there! I touched thousands upon thousands of people who rushed to the cross. At each group of people we would lift up the cross and share the message of Jesus and of the cross and His dying for our sins. Oh, people wanted to be cleansed from sin and saved. We spent a week on this island preaching, walking and

We carried the cross through the heart of the second most holy site in India for the Hindu. It is called Rameswaram. Some call the entire island by that name but there is a big city and Hindu Temple there. Thousands upon thousands prayed to receive Jesus. I spoke to thousands of young people and led them in the sinner’s prayer. Most were Hindu or Muslim with a few believers. It was unreal.

Denise and Sophia ministered with the orphan children several days.

We ministered to the ‘untouchables’ who are people who live on the streets, many with mental problems. We cut their hair, fingernails, toenails, washed them, fed them and put new clothes on them and shared the message of Jesus.  I could hardly do anything as tears kept filling my eyes.

At the end of the island at a very holy spot for Hindu worship, the temple priest came to see me. He said he had waited 3 days for me and the cross! We talked and I shared the good news of Jesus and the reason for the cross. He wanted to hold the cross as he prayed and asked Jesus to be his Savior and Lord. He did this in front of his village leaders. Oh, glory.

This was one of the most glorious and moving walks with the cross around the world. Denise my wife was deeply moved by the children and their needs. Sophia our daughter three years old loved it there and had great fun with the other children.

This was a powerful time and it will live in my mind as long as I live; the memory of the crowds lining the highway waiting for the cross and bending their heads toward me for me to lay hands on them to bless them. I also remember carrying the cross through the Hindu Holy City. No problem, thank you Jesus. I did have a battle with the police who did not want me to carry the cross on the island. However the Lord prevailed and the cross was carried from one end to the other. Glory.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1