With Mohamed as our interpreter, Denise I carried the cross into the heart of the capital city, Namey.

Niger5We walked in the market area and along streets lined with shops of every sort. People were selling goods on the sidewalks and alongside the roads.

There were no problems at all. How awesome to carry the cross in this desert land and in the main city.

Mohamed had only heard the Name Jesus and did not know much about Him. Denise and I spent much time with him. He interpreted as we told others about Jesus. We told to him of the Life of Jesus and how Jesus arose from the grave and ascended into heaven and how Jesus is alive today and will hear his prayer and become his Savior.

Mohamed became a follower of Jesus and prayed to be saved! Glory. He was worth the entire trip. We gave him gospel material. He knew where a church was located and wanted to go there and visit. The day we were leaving he came to the hotel asking for more gospel material. He had told his friends about Jesus and they too wanted to know and follow Him.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1