The exotic kingdom of Nepal and its capital Katmandu lie high in the Himalayan Mountains and Mt. Everest, the world’s highest mountain is located here. It’s a Hindu nation very closed to other religions, often resulting in arrests for those who seek to evangelize.

The streets are filled with mostly poor working people hauling goods on their backs or heads. Into this scene my wife, Denise and I walked with the cross. We stayed in the Katmandu Valley among the crowds of people. The poor are everywhere begging and sitting in despair. I will never forget one mentally handicapped lady lying in the street as a Hindu priest and crowds moved past her and ignored her need.

Denise and I gave our winter clothes to the poor and they were received with joy and wonder. The police just looked at us and let us go on our way without difficulty. My walk fit in with the people for so many carried huge loads. How well the life of Jesus fits into the world of struggle this is common to many people on earth. I am so proud of Jesus, that He came to earth in poverty, as a child lived as a refugee in Egypt, and had no place to lay His head even as He did His mighty works. He knew rejection, betrayal and injustice. Yet He lived holy, pure, and without sin. His message is felt with the heart everywhere it was shared.

We had a powerful witness there and met some followers of Jesus. They were a bit fearful of the cross causing problems. Seems many believers are this way in many nations. Oh, well we had a great time. But it was so heart-breaking to see the suffering of most of the people. Seeing the poor just sitting in the street was so painful.

We did meet some very interested people and prayed with them to become followers of Jesus. It was powerful.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1