My wife Denise and I had a wonderful time carrying the cross around the island of Nauru.

At customs, the officials greeted us since they knew the cross was coming to Nauru. I stared carrying the cross from the airport and Denise took our bags to a hotel. Before I left the airport a lady came running up, shouting, “Arthur, praise God.” She was from Samoa. Other people came up to me while I was walking to the hotel. They had all seen videos of me in South Africa!

The news here was reporting about the crosswalk around the world and that we were coming. A big outdoor rally was planned that first night. People from all around the island came to the meeting. We lifted up the cross and preached Jesus. Twenty-six people were saved and became followers of Jesus. It was a powerful evening. And when we arrived we knew no one! Jesus did it. All this happened in just a few hours.

The next day Denise and I carried the cross around the entire island on a road beside the sea. It was a day of Glory! Glory! Glory!

Cars were stopping and buses loaded with people wanting to greet the cross and hear the message of Jesus. It was very hot! I spoke at the Nauru Youth Nation Center. This is a island that is mostly phosphate. A huge open pit mine has destroyed almost all the island except the outer edge.

So many people came to Jesus today. Early in morning there were so many drunken men and young people hanging about. They had been drinking all night. This island was littered with ‘Foster Beer’ cans. It has been nicknamed ‘Fosters Island’! It was so sad to see the culture and land totally stripped away.

Pilgrim followers of Jesus,

Arthur and Denise Blessitt
Luke 18:1